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As a black 50 year old lesbian I am proud of the younger LGBTQ community especially the Transgender segment. Being a lesbian has never really affected my life, even as a teenager. I believe because it isn't as obvious that a feminine woman would be GAY.  Plus I never was one to care much of others opinions of me. With that said I see how far we have come as a community and with our new rights came new confidence to demand equality and respect. Even still we have a lot more work to do. Back in March this happened..

Backlash Builds Against N.C. Law on Transgender Bathroom Use 

We thought this can't be, since when has "where a Trans using a bathroom" became a thing. This is just a fleeting issue to argue that We as Gays are perverted and don't deserve rights or to be treated as human beings. Basically I thought we would have moved on from this.

 A Virginia school board must let a trans student use the boys' restroom, even as the district appeals the issue to the nation's highest court.
 article found on The Advocate

A school board in Virginia will have to let a transgender student use the boy's bathroom at school — even while it appeals that decision to the U.S. Supreme Court.
The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit on Tuesday denied the Glouchester County School Board's request to put on hold an April ruling in favor of 16-year-old Gavin Grimm, reports the Associated Press.
The appeals court's rejection of the school board's request for a stay on April's preliminary injunction means that Grimm should be able to use the boy's bathroom along with his peers when he starts his junior year of high school this fall. read more from The Advocate

Supreme Court Halts Trans Student's Bathroom Access 

(For Now)


What the FUCK?? So who's been monitoring Transgenders bathroom behavior before the Right decided to have hissy fit because of their anger towards Marriage Equality act passed. When are we as AMERICANS going to force Republicans to focus on REAL ISSUES!


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